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2 rescued after boat capsized off Sandy Point

According to Whatcom County Fire District 17 Fire Chief Jim Petrie, just before 6:30pm today, a small aluminum boat overturned about 600 feet off shore with 2 people aboard. A boater nearby saw they were in distress, picked them up and brought them to shore. WCFD17 EMTs assessed the two and, finding no significant injuries, released them at the scene.

Petrie pointed out this was an example of a situation where their firefighting and rescue boat, recently donated by Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery, could have been used had it been in service. The boat, a Boston Whaler, is expected to be put into service next spring after modifications have been completed.

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  1. steve steve August 20, 2017

    I was out there when this happened. Big shout out to all the boaters who zipped over and assisted. Also the coast guard who sent out the distress over the radio lots of good people taking care of each other.

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