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Proposed building design for 1990 Main Street (February 16, 2018). Source: City of Ferndale

3-story building proposed at Hawley’s Auto Parts location

Activity has picked up around the former Hawley’s Auto Parts location at 1990 Main Street as one or more underground tanks were recently removed and, today, surveyors were reported working in the area.

Last week, a site plan for a new building on the property was submitted to the City of Ferndale for review. According to documents submitted, “The applicant, Derek Barnes with D&D Insurance Agency, represented by Haven Design Workshop, proposes to construct a new three story mixed use structure.”

D&D Insurance Agency is currently located at 5701 3rd Avenue. Haven Design Workshop recently designed, built and moved their business into a mixed use building in the Griffintown neighborhood at 2nd Avenue and Eaton Street.

Preliminary information and drawings submitted to the City show the building will include 13 residential units plus two ground-level commercial tenant spaces along with a parking garage. More specifically,

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Main Floor – aboveground parking garage and two commercial tenant spaces
Second Floor – seven residential units (one to two bedrooms) with courtyard
Third Floor –  six residential units (one to three bedrooms) with view to second story courtyard

D&D Insurance Agency was referred to in the drawings as one of the commercial businesses. No business name was given for the other commercial space in the building.

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  1. Dave Hiller Dave Hiller February 20, 2018

    What a great addition to the Ferndale Historic Downtown renaissance!
    Wishing D & D the best! We would be great neighbors!
    Dave Hiller for Rockwood Realty

  2. Larrian Eagan Larrian Eagan February 20, 2018

    Re: multi use construction to be built in former Hawley’s location…….more & more traffic problems in Ferndale ! Infrastructure not adequate to accommodate more traffic. We need some real planning before any further building is approved ! People refer to Ferndale as a traffic nightmare ! It is !!!

  3. S. Antalek S. Antalek February 20, 2018

    Until Thornton is opened to the roundabout at the bottom of the hill to get to the freeway….Please, no more anything downtown! The traffic is horrendous and it is extremely frustrating that Main Street is the only way to/through town for many, MANY people.

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