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Units in self-service storage facility (November 8, 2017). Discover Ferndale stock photo

3 other Washington cities have also implemented storage facility moratoriums

The Ferndale City Council recently approved a 6-month emergency moratorium on new applications for storage and mini-storage facilities. Councilmembers and staff struggled with the decision during Monday’s council meeting, with both city staff and councilmembers saying they did not like the idea of a moratorium on business development but saw the need.

Turns out, Ferndale is not alone in dealing with what appears to be a dramatic increase in applications to develop new storage facilities across the region.

Federal Way City Council voted to put a halt on these types of projects for at least a year according to a story in the Federal Way Mirror. In September, when their moratorium was approved, 4 applications had already been received and would proceed unimpeded by the moratorium. But there was reported to be at least 5 proposed storage facility developments that would be delayed by the moratorium.

The Pouslbo City Council also recently approved a 6-month moratorium on new mini-storage businesses and expansions in August. According to a story in the Kitsap Sun, “With four existing storage businesses in that zone or near the highway, council members unanimously approved the measure, citing concerns about preserving the city’s character.” The moratorium would temporarily block 3 proposed developments from moving forward.

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Back in August of 2016, the City of Shoreline City Council enacted a 6-month emergency moratorium on the acceptance of all applications for self-service storage facilities. This was later reduced to a 4-month moratorium.

The City of Ferndale ordinance imposing the emergency moratorium noted that the City was already processing “several” development applications for additional storage facilities and was aware of at least 4 pending applications.

A public hearing on the moratorium is required to be held within 60 days of adopting the ordinance.

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  1. Bruce Jorgensen Bruce Jorgensen November 13, 2017

    Let the market decide. About a month ago friends were looking for storage options and NO spaces were available for the following two weeks. They eventually settle on driving to the east side of Linden from Blaine to find a medium sized space. When there is competition in the market place the capitalist process flourishes. Your article did not highlight any of the issues causing the council to struggle with the problem, nor did you bring out the effects a moratorium had in other small cities.

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