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Tuesday, May 26 | 7:21pm
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WA businesses violating Gov.’s orders may be cited and fined

L&I will respond to complaints about businesses that are operating illegally.

UPDATED: Ferndale Memorial Day event viewable online at noon today

Recorded live video of the event is being provided for those choosing not to attend during current concerns over the COVID-19 disease pandemic.
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New Normal: COVID-19 Contact Tracing

"But as I began to learn what a contact tracer does, I began to have doubts that I am tough enough to be one."

The Cauldron Beneath the Kitchen

"It looks like one of the big pots cartoon cannibals used to cook pith helmeted explorers."

The New Normal: Living with Screens

"In the covid-19 pandemic, everyone has entered my world of working from home, online meetings, and spending most of both night and day in in front of a screen."

Logging the Farm

"... he once saw a faller threaten to punch a swamper in the face when he started to sharpen the faller’s ax with a file."

Grandma Helen’s WWII-era lessons of making do with less are paying off today

"I find myself thinking about Grandma Helen. She would know exactly how to hunker down and tough it out."

All of the ingredients for Stone Soup

"Stone Soup is a miracle of optimism and sharing, and of finding joy in times of distress, and of trusting your neighbors and your friends, and of the power of an onion to connect people."
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Obituary: William Wesley “Wes” Kentch

"Wes was widely active in many different aspects of his community."
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