Additional rail line through Ferndale increases risks to drivers at crossings

still from dashcam video showing car driving thru rr crossing while arms are transitioning and signals activated 2015
Still image from dashcam video that shows a driver driving through the Washington Street railroad crossing while the crossing arms were transitioning and signals were activated (October 20, 2015).

BNFS Railway has recently completed construction of a miles-long siding (2nd set of tracks) from Ferndale through the Custer area. This means Ferndale area drivers, accustomed to there only being a single set of tracks at a crossing, need to learn to be alert for the possibility of a second train moving in either direction once the first clears the crossing.

Railroad safety experts at Operation Lifesaver, Inc. advise to be alert for a second train on the other tracks approaching from either direction while waiting for a train to pass at crossings.

Multiple track crossings at Washington Street, Brown Road and Grandview Road are equipped with both crossing arms and signal lights. Yet, it has not been unusual to see drivers continue through the crossing while the arms are in transition and the signal lights are flashing (see video below). With the addition of the siding at these crossing, this behavior becomes more risky.

Washington law states, “No person shall drive any vehicle through, around or under any crossing gate or barrier at a railroad crossing while such gate or barrier is closed or is being opened or closed.”

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