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About MyFerndaleNews.com

Online community news website DiscoverFerndale.com was launched at the end of 2014 and quickly proved to be a very effective magnet of local readers. In only two months it was serving up an average of over 1,000 pages per day, far beyond what was expected so soon. Since then and into 2018, the number of readers and pages viewed has increased 300% and continues to increase.

Today, the name has been changed to My Ferndale News and thousands of people visit MyFerndaleNews.com every day and over 90% are from the immediate local area. As a result, MyFerndaleNews.com is able to reach a far bigger local audience and deliver your advertising more frequently than other advertising venues can.

Local business decision-makers have discovered, conventional advertising channels simply aren’t as effective or affordable as they once were. And, because local businesses generally have more budget limitations than do larger regional and national businesses, they must invest their advertising dollars even more strategically and wisely, focusing only on the most effective channels (or channel).

For local area businesses, advertising on MyFerndaleNews.com is the first choice for immediately getting in front of a local, relevant audience without spending a lot of time, money or getting tangled up in long-term contracts.

An added benefit of advertising on MyFerndaleNews.com is your ads are always placed where the audience is looking. You do not have to worry your ads are on a page people are not reading. Instead, the moment someone arrives to view a page, ads are randomly selected from the entire pool of ads and placed on the page. There are no special locations that can be reserved. All ads appear in all locations.

As a result, your advertising message will be frequently and repeatedly displayed to several thousands of local prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Catering to Readers on Smartphones

It may come as a surprise but traffic analytics showed early on that more than 75% of My Ferndale News visitors use small devices like smartphones to visit the website. Realizing this, MyFerndaleNews.com has been optimized for the mobile visitor and ads placed will be as visible to them as to visitors viewing the website using tablets and desktop computers.

At My Ferndale News, we value our advertisers as much as the audience we bring to your advertising. As a result, My Ferndale News does not use ad networks. Your ads are hosted on-site which bypasses ad blockers and removes the need for readers to even try and block them since the ads are not disruptive (no popovers, popups or autoplay video) and they do not impact the page loading speed which would ruin the readers’ experience.

Interesting Demographics and Statistics


march to june visitor demographics

Inexpensive advertising for all you get

Advertising on MyFerndaleNews.com is month-to-month with no contracts. Your ads can start and stop on any day you want. Plus you get to choose your advertising budget in increments of $75, increasing visibility the more you spend. Every advertiser gets 2 ads; a banner and a rectangle/square.

Visibility increases

  •  $75 – 1x
  • $150 – 2x the visibility of $75
  • $225 – 3x ” “
  • $300 – 4x ” “
  • etc.

No contracts, no long-term commitments, every advertiser runs month-to-month.

Ad Specifications

Don’t have ad graphics ready or want to try something new? We are happy to create the graphics for you (usually for free). Don’t have a website? No problem. We can send the people who click your ads to a custom built page on Discover Ferndale or any other location you would like (e.g. your Facebook page, a coupon page).

Here are the mechanical specifications if you want to build your own ads:

Banner: 730px wide by up to 120px tall
Rectangle/Square: 300px wide by up to 300px tall

Be proud to advertise on MyFerndaleNews.com

MyFerndaleNews.com strives to make visitors aware of Ferndale businesses, to have pride in the community and become involved by knowing what is happening with real-time fact-based news reporting.

My Ferndale News employs editorial guidelines emphasizing responsible journalism. In short, if the Ferndale community should know about something, look for it to be reported appropriately on MyFerndaleNews.com.

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Contact us now via email to joe@MyFerndaleNews.com, call or text message 360-223-1438 or send a tweet to us at @MyFerndaleNews.

Let’s start putting your advertising where it will be most visible.