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November 12, 2019 | 5:33pm
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After 59 years, popular Ferndale family farm makes plans to sell

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Boxx Berry Farm, located at 6211 Northwest Drive, has been providing fresh produce, jams, pies, flowers and strawberry shortcakes as well as a venue for community and family events on their farm for nearly 60 years.

Yesterday, members of the Boxx family posted an announcement via social media.

We love farming. We love being an integral part of our community. We love our customers. But, we are also getting older and we need to think about the future of Boxx Berry Farm and ultimately our retirement.

They went on to say the farm property had been listed for sale.

But, there is no reason for Boxx Berry Farm fans to panic, they assured in the announcement.

So, while we are for sale, we plan on opening our store full time, as usual, when strawberries begin.

We are going in to the 2019 season as “business as usual” for us. We are starting to plow our fields, ordering seed and planning when to plant our veggies and flowers.

We just made hundreds of jars of jams and syrups, and we will also be making more of our delicious pies soon to stock our freezer.

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The 25-acre property has been listed with a price of $2.1 million. Interested buyers can find more information by clicking here.