After reaching “Hazardous” status, air quality begins to show signs of recovery

air quality reported by nwcaa station on loomis trail road 2018-08-23 1000
Air quality history graph reported at 10am by NW Clean Air Agency monitoring station on Loomis Trail Road in north Custer (August 23, 2018).

Forecasters remain confident air quality will improve. This is much appreciated news in light of air quality reports from the Northwest Clean Air Agency air monitoring station on Loomis Trail Road in north Custer reported measures in the “HAZARDOUS” range on the WAQA scale (see graphic above) late yesterday and overnight.

As of 10am this morning, air quality was being reported within the “UNHEALTHY” range. Washington Department of Health officials advise everyone, especially those in air quality sensitive groups, to limit time spent outdoors, avoid strenuous activities outdoors and choose light indoor activities.

National Weather Service Seattle office forecasters say the expected onshore flow peaked last night and is expected to continue through the weekend. An upper level system will begin moving through the area tonight. The combination of low level onshore flow and the flow aloft is expected to clear most of the smoke out of the Puget Sound lowlands by Friday.

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