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After the snow comes powerful winds

Temperatures plummeted today and the Ferndale area got a light coating of snow that was enough to create havoc on steep roads and in some intersections. But hold on, there is more to come.

As previously forecast and noted in a High Wind Warning, sustained northeast winds of 25 to 45mph with gusts of 50 to 55mph are expected between 7pm tonight and 4am Tuesday.

Ferndale area northeasters, often referred to as Fraser Valley outflows, follow a narrow path stretching from Hope, British Columbia, through Ferndale and out into Puget Sound and over the San Juan islands.

graphical representation of Fraser Valley outflow winds src windy tv
Graphical representation of Fraser Valley outflow winds based on computer weather models. Source:

Winds this strong are able to cause tree and property damage and local power outages.

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