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Air monitoring history from NWCAA air monitoring station on Loomis Trail in Custer station (August 3, 2017).

Air quality remains unhealthy for sensitive groups

Air quality reported from the Northwest Clean Air Agency’s air monitoring station on Loomis Road in Custer remains in the “UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS” zone (see graphic) since reaching that level about noon yesterday.

Smoke from over 150 wildfires in the British Columbia interior continues to cover Washington State since shifts in wind direction occurred earlier this week.

Washington State Department of Ecology advises, when air quality is reported in the UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS range, more people than average may have breathing problems or have worsened symptoms of existing asthma or lung disease. Sensitive groups include people with heart or lung disease, asthma, diabetes, infants, children, adults older than 65, pregnant women, or who have had a stroke. These people should limit time spent outdoors.

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