Air quality reported in the ‘Moderate’ range this morning

air quality monitoring history 2017-08-08 0700
Air monitoring history from NWCAA air monitoring station on Loomis Trail in Custer station (August 8, 2017).

Air quality reported from the Northwest Clean Air Agency air monitoring station located on Loomis Trail Road is in the ‘Moderate’ range this morning.

When air quality is in the MODERATE range, people with asthma, respiratory infection, diabetes, lung or heart disease, or have had a stroke are advised to limit outdoor activities or do activities that take less effort, such as walking instead of running.

This morning’s readings are an improvement over readings that reached into the ‘Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups’ range over the past 24 hours.

The National Weather Service has extended, yet again, an air quality alert through noon Thursday due to smoke making its way south into western Washington from wildfires in the British Columbia interior.