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Northwest Clean Air Agency air quality monitoring station in Custer historical readings.

Air quality slips to “Moderate” overnight

As neighbors stoke their wood stoves to deal with temperatures in the low 20s, air quality around Ferndale has also dropped.

According to information reported this morning from the Custer-Loomis Trail air monitoring station, air quality measurements moved into the MODERATE range overnight.

waqa chart 2017-01-02 0700
Northwest Clean Air Agency’s Custer-Loomis Trail air quality monitoring station historical readings.

When air quality is MODERATE, people with asthma, respiratory infection, diabetes, lung or heart disease, or have had a stroke should limit outdoor activities or do activities that take less effort, such as walking instead of running. Source: Washington State Department of Ecology

Here are a few suggestions from the NW Clean Air Agency to keep in mind if you must burn wood for heat:

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  • Burning wet wood is no good. It’s harder to burn, it causes more smoke and it costs more because you need more wood to produce heat.
  • Make sure your woodstove meets proper certification for use in Washington.
  • Remember that it is always illegal to emit excess chimney smoke and to smoke out your neighbors. And it’s also illegal to burn trash.
  • Trying to save a few bucks by burning illegally isn’t worth it – illegal burning can cost you up to $1,500 for a repeat violation.

Learn more at the Northwest Clean Air Agency website for more information on heating with wood.

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