Anchorage Alaska area hit by M7.0 earthquake ** tsunami warnings canceled **

AK tsunami warning area 2018-11-30
Tsunami warning areas on Alaska coast following a M7.0 quake near Anchorage (November 30, 2018). Source: US Tsunami Warning Center
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The National Tsunami Warning Center has issued warnings for the immediate coastal regions of Alaska after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake was recorded around 9:30am Pacific Time about 5 miles north of the city of Anchorage. While no signs of tsunami waves have been reported, officials issued a warning for the coastal areas of Cook Inlet and the southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. As of 10:30am PT, officials said the level of tsunami danger was being evaluated for other US and Canadian Pacific coasts. If tsunami waves were to make it to the Puget Sound, it would take approximately 6-8 hours for them to travel this far according to official estimates (see below). UPDATE 11am Officials just announced all tsunami warnings had been canceled and “no tsunami danger exists for the U.S. west coast, British Columbia and Alaska.” According to Whatcom County Emergency Management Deputy Director John Gargett, as a matter of procedure, after the earthquake occurred, Washington State’s Emergency Management Division participated in a conference call with the National Tsunami Warning Center. It was quickly determined no impacts outside the immediate area were expected but there was potential for underwater landslides and that was being monitored. Information collected was then dispersed to local emergency management agencies such as Whatcom County’s.

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