Anthony Distefano – Port Commissioner District 3


Anthony Distefano. Photo courtesy of Anthony Distefano.
Anthony Distefano. Photo courtesy of Anthony Distefano.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

My values are centered upon the promotion of working families for livable wages, preservation of our precious resources for a sustainable future, and respect for the balance that we strike to prosper together without sacrificing the integrity our community holds dear. As Port Commissioner my focus would be a longer range view of how we administer our public lands. Expansion of our marine trades, cargo, and fishing fleets to bring living wages to Whatcom, while at the same time bringing affordable housing for working families should be at the forefront of our dialogue- affordability over gentrification. We must expand access to the waterfront for our public to enjoy and recreate. We can balance our progress and the obligations we hold to our environment. The Port has many tools to make Whatcom more livable: from innovation incubators, broadband expansion into our rural areas, and input over how we grow and implement our public infrastructure. I will look for ways to further our mission, while respecting the past practices that have brought us so far. Transparency of the political process is key to keeping an informed public. As a Port Commissioner, I plan to be available year-round to answer community needs.

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Port Commissioner candidate Anthony Distefano is interviewed by My Ferndale News (October 2019).

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