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Marvin Waschke

Waschke is a Ferndale native who grew up in a farmhouse on the farm his great-grandfather's family homesteaded. As a software architect, Waschke worked on IT management projects for close to 30 years. He has authored 3 books on computer technology including "Personal Cybersecurity" (available at the Ferndale Public Library) which addresses problems faced by individuals in a computing realm that is becoming increasing hostile to users. Waschke currently serves on the board of trustees of the Whatcom County Library System. ** Do you have a computer, website or related technology question? Marvin is available at the Ferndale Public Library the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 3pm to 4pm. No question is too big or too small. No matter what operating system, hardware brand, phone, tablet, or software you’re using. **

Logging the Farm

"... he once saw a faller threaten to punch a swamper in the face when he started to sharpen the faller’s ax with a file."

Clearing Stumps

"The soil underneath the tangle left behind by the loggers was good, but preparing the land for farming was a struggle."

Salmon in Deer Creek

When the salmon were running, my grandfather fished them from Deer Creek with a pitch fork.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Remembering Christmas on the Waschke homestead when grandma baked Springerle cookies and her variant of Lebkuchen.

Six Rules For Online Security

Nothing ever will guarantee that you will never be victimized online but a simple set of rules will drastically reduce the chances you will be a victim.

Connected devices are convenient but present risks too

Connected devices on the Internet of Things are cool. I have a friend who looks in on his cats on Whidbey Island with his phone from our house in Ferndale.

Would you know what to do if you received a threatening email?

"It was extortion. A felony in every state in the US. Spam is one thing, this is another."

Looking Back: Trading Horses for Tractors

"According to Dad, horses, unlike tractors, do not follow orders well."
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