Bear sightings become more frequent on Lummi Peninsula

bear sighted rambling down lummi view dr photo ellie kinley 2017-05-17
A bear was seen rambling down Lummi View Drive May 17, 2017). Photo courtesy of Ellie Kinley

There have been sightings of a bear on the Lummi Peninsula during the past few days. Yesterday, according to social media reports, a bear was seen in the area of Warrior Loop. Today, the bear was reported to law enforcement to have been seen in the roadway on Scott Road near Lummi Shore Road on the south end of the peninsula and again near the intersection of Chief Martin and Kwina Roads on the northern section.
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say they heard of one report but were unable to confirm.

WDFW website has information about living in areas with bears with some “dos and don’ts.”

A bear was seen in the same area last year during May and June is thought to have swam to Lummi Island and then on to Orcas Island before being trapped and relocated to Eastern Skagit County.

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