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June 15, 2019 | 8:21pm
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Bear sightings on Lummi Peninsula draw a response

Neighbors have made several sightings of a bear on the Lummi Peninsula during the past few days.

Today, the bear was reported to have been seen along Lummi View Drive at the south end of the peninsula. Earlier this week, there were sightings in the Sunset Way and Smokehouse Road neighborhoods (see map below).

Lummi Nation Communication said the bear had not shown any signs of aggression. Lummi Nation Police Department say they are continuing to monitor reports of sightings. Neighbors are asked to call 911 if the bear is seen.

Lummi Nation Communication said Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) had set out one trap for the bear tonight. Neighbors are advised not to disturb this or any other traps that may be set.

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WDFW Game Warden Dave Jones said the bear has not caused any damage or created problems so far.

Traps are set out in the hope of safely capturing the bear in order to relocate it away from populated areas.

A bear wandered through the Ferndale area as it made its way from Blaine to Marietta last year.

WDFW has posted information about living in areas with bears with some “dos and don’ts.”

Approximate locations of recent bear sightings

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