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Bill LaFreniere
Bill LaFreniere. Photo courtesy of Bill LaFreniere.

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Hello Folks, Bill LaFreniere of N. Bellingham.  In my early Sixties. From early on,  have had problems with unions, and government employees. Seemed when ever I was able to make a living in business,  over-regulation stopped what I was doing. Recently have invested in a Truck and Lowboy trailer trying to make a go despite back problems. I’m of the belief that “for union people to prosper, non-union people will be deprived”.  I want to stop that.  Most of our heavy industry has moved. I want to bring a NON-UNION STEEL MILL and other industry to Cherry Point.

There is a “made up” water shortage problem in the county. I believe the answer to that is the development of new sewage disposal systems to improve water quality and provide an alternative to municipal systems which carry away water.  Problems with homelessness and high housing costs can be mitigated with low cost alternative sewage systems , if we can break free of the grip of state Growth management guidelines.

Drugs are destroying the lives of young people. We need to stop licensing POT growing operations which have over-produced their product, and let existing operations weed each other out, until they are GONE.  Roaming drug-addicted people endanger other young people causing more drug addiction. We need to establish REMOTE, MANAGED homeless camping for tents and RVs where people can get treated for drug problems.

I have been involved in the mining industry and realize that the EARTH is a NEARLY INEXHAUSTABLE supply of materials for industry and jobs.  We need to USE recycled waste instead of expecting others to ship it away. Our Society needs to INCREASE our reliance on the earth, and REDUCE our reliance on government.  As a councilman, I will work toward those ends. Thanks, Bill

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