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School District sign outside administration building on Vista Drive (October 2016). Photo: My Ferndale News

“Bite with a Buddy” program begins next week

Ferndale School District officials announced last week first responders are invited to join students during breakfast and lunch times and will be treated to free meals hosted by food service provider Sodexo starting next week.

According to the District announcement,

The program, called Bite with a Buddy, opens all Ferndale Schools during breakfast and lunch hours. First responders in uniform or undercover officers with I.D. will check in at the school office and proceed to the school lunch room where they are invited to eat with teachers, students and fellow first responders. To-go meals will also be offered.

Superintendent of Ferndale School District Linda Quinn says that the Ferndale School District sees the program as a way to encourage law enforcement, fire fighters, border patrol agents, and others in uniform to spend time at schools throughout the District

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Quinn is also quoted in the announcement, “This is a wonderful opportunity for our students, teachers, and staff to strengthen relationships with first responders. We see this program as a piece of Ferndale’s emphasis on school safety – we want students to develop relationships with first responders in a really positive way.”


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