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Down lines on Lake Terrell Road south of Slater Road (March 11, 2016). Photo: Aaron Joseph

Blue flashes in the sky mark the start of a potentially long night

Shortly after 8pm reports began coming in from neighbors about bright blue flashes in the sky and emergency crews were being dispatched to reports of arcing wires. This was happening while wind gusts, still below 30mph, are expected to reach up to 55mph overnight.

Neighbors reported seeing 2, possibly 3, blue flashes light up the sky as they reflected off cloud cover. One flash was reportedly located up on Church Road in the vicinity of Thornton Street and another on the east side of the freeway north of Main Street. Brilliant blue flashes are often the result of power transformers exploding.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) reported a localize outage east of Northwest Drive on W Axton Road impacting 94 PSE customers including Manthey’s Mobile Park.

County emergency crews have been responding to multiple reports of downed and arcing wires but the great majority have been east of the Ferndale area.

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