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Blustery weather overnight and more in the forecast

Blustery overnight weather impacted light sleepers and others as rain and strong winds rolled through the area.

Power was knocked out temporarily to neighbors near Northwest Drive and W Axton Road earlier this morning after strong south winds briefly pummeled the area.

An 8° rise in temperatures between 2am and 2:45am preceded strong south winds that began increasing about 2:30am. A 51mph wind gust was recorded at a weather station near Ferndale High School around 3:45am.

Over 0.1″ of rain fell between 3am and 4:30am in some parts of the area. Winds abruptly died down shortly after 4am.

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More winds are expected tonight and tomorrow according to a Wind Advisory issued this morning by the National Weather Service. Instead of the warmer south winds as we saw last night, the advisory expects sustained northeast winds of 20 to 35mph with gusts to 50mph due to Fraser Valley outflow. These winds are expected to increase this evening, peaking midday Tuesday, then weakening Tuesday night.

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