Business: Peoples Bank launches ‘Pay It Forward Pigs’ contest

peoples bank pay it forward pigs graphic 2018
One of the piggy banks hidden near Peoples Bank branches during the Pay It Forward Pigs campaign. Source: Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank officials say they have scattered over 170 piggybanks containing a total of over $5,100 in cash today near bank branches in Chelan, Douglas, Island, King, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties as part of a new “Pay it Forward Pigs” contest with a focus on saving and giving back.

Today, August 15th, 63 pigs have been placed near the bank’s 9 branches in Whatcom County, including the Ferndale branch at 1895 Main Street.

Each piggy bank contains $30; $15 for the finder and $15 to make someone else’s day better according an announcement about the campaign.

According to the announcement, clues for where the pigs are hidden will be shared on the Peoples Bank Instagram account (@peoplesbankwa), and many pigs will be placed in plain sight.

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“‘Pay It Forward Pigs’ is our way of highlighting the importance of both saving money and helping each other. We want to support the communities that have supported us because we value them, and because it is the right thing to do,” said Peoples Bank Chief Retail Banking & Marketing Officer Michelle Barrett.

Anyone who shares a photo and short explanation of how they paid forward an act of kindness, whether they find a pig or not, is eligible to be entered to win the grand prize of $500, which includes $250 for the winner and $250 for the charity of their choice.

Photos must be shared on Instagram and tag @peoplesbankwa or submitted using the form at The grand prize winner will be announced on September 7th.

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