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November 14, 2019 | 9:05pm
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custer neighbors act

Citizens Act to Protect Neighborhood

It was a single message posted on Facebook. But it was all that was needed to start people talking, sharing and taking action. Word spread...

Fireworks on New Years in Ferndale

Our neighbors to the south are going to encounter their first fireworks-free New Year's celebrations this year. Bellingham voted to ban fireworks in the...

Reports of Power Outages

UPDATE 12:55pm Reports are that all power in the Ferndale area has been restored. According to the Bellingham Herald a tree limb was the culprit. UPDATE...
monty smith mc smith construction

Ferndale Builder Named Head of State Organization

Ferndale builder Monty Smith was recently elected president of the Building Industry Association of Washington. BIAW represents the interests of the building industry to...
12th man at second avenue sports

Ferndale 12th Man fans have a lot to celebrate

The Seahawks made it six wins in a row to end the regular season with another "not very pretty" win over the St Louis...
NOAA logo

Fraser River Valley Outflow Winds Expected

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cub scouts logo

Cub Scouts Curbside Tree Pickup- January 10th

Set out your not-so-fresh Christmas tree by the curb by 8am on January 10th and it will be picked up by the Cub Scouts...
norad santa logo

Follow Santa’s Route to Ferndale via NORAD

Track Santa as he makes his way around the world with NORAD's Santa Tracker.  
ferndale police logo

Ferndale Merchants Warned of Debit Card Fraud

A warning to Ferndale merchants has been posted on the City's web site. The scammer presents what appears to be a valid a pre-paid debit card...