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November 14, 2019 | 9:10pm
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Political News

washington state capital building

Thornton Overpass State Funding Update

It was recently reported that the Thornton Street Overpass along with some Smith Road improvements (assumed to be the development of an I-5 interchange)...

City and Clock Tower Builder Set Terms for Going Forward

Art Rojsza told Discover Ferndale, "You will not be disappointed," when referring to the exterior work he plans to have completed by the end of October on...
washington state capital building

State is Considering Funding Thornton Overpass

The Washington State Senate Transportation Committee has a couple Ferndale area transportation projects in the budget being considered during the current legislative session. The proposed...
City of Ferndale

Public Works Director Loses Job

According to an article by the Ferndale Record, Chad Bedlington is no longer the Ferndale City Public Works director. Bedlington had been arrested and...
vote button

Special Election Results Are In

Ferndale voters were asked to decide on the fate of the City's recommendation for annexation into Whatcom Fire Protection District 7. According to counts (not final)...

Ferndale Name Change Announced

According to an announcement on the City's website, Mayor Gary Jensen has issued an mayoral proclamation that, for one day on Friday, January 30,...
wcfpd7 logo

City Recommends Fire District 7 Annexation

Back in July of 2014, it was reported the City of Ferndale desired to change their relationship with Whatcom County Fire Protection District 7. Now...