Change will eliminate left turns to/from Main Street between I-5 and LaBounty Drive

left turns off main street
Drivers making a left turn from westbound Main Street between the I-5 interchange and LaBounty Drive (May 17, 2018). Video: Discover Ferndale

City of Ferndale officials announced today that traffic control changes will be implemented along Main Street between LaBounty Drive and the I-5 interchange starting the week of June 4th in an effort to prevent left turns by westbound traffic.

The section of road has been the scene of several injury crashes over past years, typically involving westbound drivers crossing the 2 eastbound lanes as they execute a left turn from Main Street.

According to the announcement, flexible plastic “traffic delineators” will be installed along the southside of the westbound left-turn lane from the intersection with LaBounty Drive east past the driveway into the NAPA Auto Parts and former Bob’s Burgers parking lots.

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The traffic delineators will be similar to those in place along the north side of Cherry Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues which serve to deter parking along that stretch of road.

plastic traffic delineators along cherry st between 1st and 2nd to deter parking
Plastic traffic delineators along Cherry Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues to deter parking (May 17, 2018). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Drivers wanting to get to or from the properties along the southside of that section of Main Street will continue on to the nearby intersection of LaBounty Drive and Main Street where left turns are controlled by an electronic traffic signal.

In recent weeks, there have been at least 2 injury crashes along this section of Main Street, all involving westbound drivers making left turns and colliding with eastbound traffic.

The City announcement said,

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This change was motivated by the use of “Intelligence-Based Policing”, where the Ferndale Police Department works hand in hand with the City’s GIS mapping team to identify hot spots by layering crash data into the City’s GIS mapping database.  Utilizing this approach, the City is better able to identify changes in accident distribution and identify areas where increased patrols or modifications may be necessary.