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WCFD7 fire engine overhead forward lights. Video: My Ferndale News

Chimney fire at Vista Drive apartments

FERNDALE, Wash. — About 6:15pm today, Saturday, February 15th, first responders were dispatched to an apartment complex in the 5800 block of Vista Drive due to a report of a structure fire.

Upon arriving they met up with the occupants in 1 of the apartments who directed their attention to a steel chimney that, according to the occupants, had been spewing forth fire and sparks until moments before firefighters arrived.

One of the occupants told My Ferndale News they had heard popping sounds coming from the chimney and went to an upstairs window to see what might be the cause. It was then that they saw the fire and sparks coming from the chimney. They evacuated the apartment until firefighters arrived.

Whatcom County Fire District 7 firefighters investigated the chimney and surrounding building spaces and determined the fire was extinguished according to unconfirmed radio transmissions from the scene.

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