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Citizens Act to Protect Neighborhood

custer neighbors actIt was a single message posted on Facebook. But it was all that was needed to start people talking, sharing and taking action.

Word spread quickly when it was revealed to some neighbors by one of the prospective tenants that “there will be FOURTEEN registered sex offenders of all degrees moving onto a property at the dead end of Stein Rd.”

The Facebook message containing this information was ultimately shared 141 times. Considering the average Facebook profile has just over 100 friends, this alert reached over 10,000 people and did so quickly.

Three days later, after the appropriate law enforcement and government entities had been alerted, it was determined no one would be taking up residence on the property as a result of the actions taken by the neighbors to alert authorities.

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Read more about the sheriff’s office and Department of Corrections subsequent involvement in an article by the Ferndale Record (does not require online subscription to read during January 2015).

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