City of Ferndale issues building permit for new restaurant

The City of Ferndale recently issued a permit for a new commercial building to be built on Riverside Drive. According to the permit, a new restaurant will be constructed.

Listed as the owner on the permit application is Chris Tonkin, co-president of Taco Time Northwest. Tonkin is also associated with Ferndale TT LLC which in 2016 purchased the property adjacent to Dairy Queen on Riverside Drive.

The project description says the building will be a 2,714-square-foot restaurant with a drive-through and a fireplace. The project valuation on the permit is given as $1,055,000.

The property owned by Ferndale TT LLC is currently being used to stage equipment and supplies for a City project to install a stormwater pipeline to the Nooksack River through the property that was formerly the Riverside Golf Course.