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City looks to give rule against raising roosters some teeth

According to discussions held during this week’s Planning and Land Use Council Committee meeting, the Whatcom Humane Society had been contacted after a neighbor reported being waken early one morning by what was determined to be a crowing rooster at a neighboring residence within the city limits.

According to Ferndale Municipal Code (FMC), roosters, peacocks and guinea fowl are not permitted within the Ferndale city limits while other domestic fowl, such as chickens, are permitted.

But the Humane Society advised the reporting neighbor there was not much they could do in the way of removing the rooster or imposing any fines since there was no allowance for such penalties in the FMC. Whatcom Humane Society contracts with the City of Ferndale for animal control services and enforcement per the FMC.

At Monday’s City Council Meeting, changes to the FMC to enable confiscating and imposing such penalties in future cases will be discussed.

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According to meeting documents, the text in red below will be added to the code:

6.02.207 Domestic animals and domestic fowl.
B. Roosters, peacocks and guinea fowl shall be prohibited outright and shall be subject to confiscation and civil penalties by the animal control authority.

Ferndale City Council meetings are held at 6pm on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 5694 2nd Avenue.

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