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September 19, 2019 | 8:00am
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City of Ferndale resolution denouncing white supremacists carried hidden message

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FERNDALE, Wash. — A Seattle television news crew made the trip to Ferndale to be at last night’s regular City Council meeting and a hidden message within a resolution on the agenda that denounces white supremacists “caught their eye.”

KING 5 News reported about the City of Ferndale’s resolution and interviewed councilmember Rebecca Xczar, who is also a candidate for the position of County Assessor. They reported Xczar wrote the resolution with assistance from city staff. Their interview revealed the resolution contained a hidden 2-word message.

The version of the resolution presented to council committee members Wednesday morning contained the 2-word message, “F#$% Nazis” (without the mask of special characters provided here). The message was visible by taking the first letter of the second word in 9 sequential paragraphs in the text of the resolution. The version provided to the full council at last night’s meeting was edited to change the second letter in the first word from U to O.

When asked about the hidden message on camera, Xczar said, “It was not something I realized initially, which is why it has been changed since the original version.” Later in the interview she clarified, “It was funny at first, but we changed it. It is a very serious topic and we didn’t want that to detract in any way.”

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The resolution was adopted by an unanimous vote of the council.

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  1. IF you go onto King5 news and watch the news video the reporter states there will be a meeting a week from tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 27th) at the Ferndale Library. I wonder if this will be an open invitation to any group like the Nazi’s, or Antifa or others. Let’s hope the “secret message” does not encourage these groups to join this meeting. The Resolution needs to be rewritten. It is not funny.

  2. It is completely not funny; it’s dangerously immature. Ferndale is hard to take seriously anymore with the weirdness of this, plus I would include the strange Mayoral situation and the rubber stamp development agenda. Guess what happens when you clog the geography with new taxable properties, then raise property taxes? Everything rhymes with revenues now…

  3. Thank you Yvonne. I believe that is exactly what this resolution does, it gives these idiots credence. Next we will have to do a resolution about antifa and ALL other wacko groups. They will have credence in the City of Ferndale. The fact that the Seattle news was here and all over this story confirms my belief that this was a mistake.

  4. Not funny in any way. That special wording is exactly what folks are complaining about only from the other side. How can you really be against hate and spew it in your proclamation against hate. Hate is hate and is wrong regardless of your views. Something like the way that proclamation is written just adds fuel to the fire. Rebecca Xczar and the city staff should be ashamed and the proclamation should be rewritten without the hate in it.

  5. It’s disheartening to see Ferndale follow in the virtue signalling of the City of Bellingham. This letter is another example of the local “resolutions” that day “look at us, we are good”. It would be much better to judge by actions, not words. The resolution provided press and publicity for the continued incursion of the progressive left into Whatcom County.

  6. We don’t need extremism on either side in Ferndale. Keep your hidden messages in Bellingham, middle of the road has worked great for us out here, but clearly things are changing.

  7. Also, Xzcar saying she didn’t realize the message is completely disingenuous and a slap in the face to Ferndale. What a great politician she is.

    The odds of that message randomly appearing in a bill targeting white supremecy are all but impossible.

    We need government, not activism.

  8. What Nazis were you looking to bash? Ferndale doesn’t have a Nazi party, and this isn’t WWII. The problem is that our City, should it choose to officially condemn racism, ought to take the high road in doing so as opposed to being profane and provocative. If an approach is taken that rhymes with the haters, we end up with more hate – that’s how hatred works; it’s not supposed to be how our City Hall works.

  9. There are white surpremesists everywhere. Our current situation is scary. We have had shootings in our country based on race and religion. I am glad that Ferndale rejected white supremacy. I hope there are no more flyers that are nazi related in our town. I have always felt safe here and I want it to stay that way. Thank you Ferndale.

  10. I support the Ferndale City Council that unanimously approved the resolution. It’s amazing to me that anyone would look so closely at this resolution in order to find something like this. I certainly didn’t. I can only think that the person who noticed it was looking for ways to denigrate the whole process. If anyone wants to do more here are three ideas: sign the Whatcom Human Rights Taskforce declaration here:, go to the vigils at the Ferndale Border Patrol holding station on Sunset every Wednesday and Thursday at noon and attend the meeting at the Ferndale LIbrary on Tuesday, August 27 at 6:30 sponsored by the Riveters Collective.

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