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Ferndale City Hall (2019). File photo - My Ferndale News

City’s 2020 budget awaits your review

The City of Ferndale’s preliminary 2020 budget was made available to the public today.

As noted earlier, there are many significant changes to the budget, most notably it has been reported to be 40% bigger than the 2019 budget.

City staff will be holding a required public hearing regarding the proposed 2020 property tax levy on Monday, November 4th, during the regular City Council meeting. City staff are recommending increasing property tax collections from $1.2 million in 2019 to $2.6 million.

The City is required to also hold public hearings prior to approving the final city budget.

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According to MRSC, “The statutes RCW 35.33.057RCW 35.34.090(2), RCW 35A.33.055, and RCW 35A.34.090(2) govern budgets for cities and towns. These statutes require cities and towns to hold public hearings on the preliminary budget prior to the hearing on the final budget.”

The budget is available to download from the city website (PDF). It is also provided below (11 pages).


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  1. Alice Paul Alice Paul November 1, 2019

    So doubling property tax, utilities and pay for the school bond? I see a lot of houses on the market and businesses moving soon. Which wasn’t the City trying to bring here? You call it “Frugal” because citizens go to Bellingham to shop? Where I need to remind we have to because our City does not have anything. Which even The City Administrator does shop at Fred Meyers. Two, there’s maybe a handful of staff living in Ferndale. Stop saying “Staff” as your excuse why the City and Council are in the best interest of our citizens. They don’t even live here. Three, last time I checked my taxes pay for your paycheck and pay raises. Forth, sad to see the City Administrator have to publicly make a statement to justify the City’s and Council’s actions by degrading the citizens concerns. The City is not the Queen of England or matriarch. Also, seriously pushing taxation without proper representation. The City and Mayor pushed or abolished Councilmembers that don’t agree with The City and Mayor’s agenda out. Last time I checked America is a balancing system. Isn’t that we fought for? The City Administrator’s statement was completly unprofessional and unneeded due to the citizens are allowed to have opinions. Trying to justify your actions from Staff rather than listening to the citizens and I don’t know problem solve? Again saying Staff…most don’t live here and you had to force to talk to them about the concerns? Makes me wonder why the need for the statement and are the citizens concerns so big to have make a statement that was unprofession by making it personal?

  2. CR Henry CR Henry November 1, 2019

    Guess what the average person cannot afford the School bond and this wish list. ALL CITY employees need to live in the limits of Ferndale as all School District people.

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