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Ferndale City Council meeting (April 15, 2019). Photo: My Ferndale News

Coin toss will decide Ferndale City Council position race

FERNDALE, Wash. — Today’s manual recount uncovered 1 new vote for Teresa Taylor in her race to retain position 4 on the Ferndale City Council. As a result, the final decision about whether incumbent Taylor or challenger Paul Shuey will sit on the Ferndale City Council beginning next month will come down to a coin toss.

The manual recount was triggered when the final machine count resulted in a difference between the candidates of less than 0.5%. It was 1,928 votes for Shuey and 1,927 for Taylor.

Whatcom County Chief Deputy Auditor Diana Bradrick said today’s manual recount of the ballots uncovered 1 ballot that failed to get scanned during the initial machine count. That ballot included a vote for Taylor. As a result, Taylor and Shuey are now tied at 1,928 votes each.

The coin toss will be held tomorrow, December 4th, at a 3pm Canvassing Board meeting where today’s manual recount will be certified.

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Bradrick was not certain who on the board will be honored with tossing the coin. Just prior to the coin toss, there will be a drawing to determine how the resulting heads or tails will determine which candidate is the winner.

There will also be a Sumas City Council race decided by coin toss at tomorrow’s meeting. That race was tied going into and coming out of the manual recount, Bradrick said.

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