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Comcast Outage Appears to be Due to DNS Issues

Engineers investigating the issue now. We could say we apologize, & we do, but we know, we know, you want the Internet & we’re working it

— WA Comcast Team (@ComcastWA) June 2, 2015

Many Comcast internet service customers in the northwestern Washington region are finding themselves without internet access tonight, June 1st (rumor has it most of the west coast is effected). The problems appear centered on their DNS since forcing your computer to use a DNS address different than Comcast’s enables access.

While not for the novice network administrator, the steps for pointing your DNS services toward Google’s DNS addresses can be found here. It might just enable you to turn in that paper tomorrow or be ready for the morning’s presentation. This post was uploaded after making the change on our own computer.

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This is a handy tip to have at the ready for when your internet service goes down while the lights on your modem remain normal (ie are not constantly cycling as if restarting).

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