Community garden coordinator recognized with City’s “Humble Hero Award”

gloria perez with her humble hometown hero award source ferndale csc
Gloria Perez with her Humble Hometown Hero award given by the City of Ferndale (August 31, 2018). Source: Ferndale Community Service Cooperative

At the last Ferndale City Council meeting, Gloria Perez was honored with a “Humble Hero Award” for her work as the garden coordinator for the Ferndale Community Friendship Garden located on Ferndale Road next to the Bergsma House.

The award noted that she has provided after-school activities for Ferndale youth, generated thousands of pounds of fresh produce for the Ferndale Food Bank and empowered families to plant and harvest their own vegetables.

The Community Garden sits on over 19,000 square feet of land and provides low-cost garden plots for rent to families so they can put fresh, safe, organically-grown produce on their tables by working cooperatively with each other.

Perez has been a garden volunteer since 2008 and served as the coordinator since 2010.

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Interested garden renters can contact Perez by phone at 360-223-3836 or via email to to reserve your garden plot and for additional information.


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