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Snippet of a City of Ferndale utility invoice (March 15, 2017). Photo: My Ferndale News

Community Utilities Fund gets put to use – Drive underway to replenish

FERNDALE, Wash. — During May of this year, officials and volunteers with the Ferndale Community Services Cooperative (FCSC) completed a drive to fund the recently created Ferndale Community Utilities Fund. Since then, they report, 15 households in need due to financial impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic have received a total of $4,000 in grants from the fund to put toward paying their Ferndale Utilities bills.

Officials are looking to serve a total of 35 Ferndale households with grants from the fund and have begun additional fundraising to support that goal.

$9,100 was raised during the month of May from several sources including community members, the Whatcom Community Foundation and the Mary E Storer Foundation.

To be considered for a grant to assist with paying utility bills, an application is completed and documents provided. Trained volunteers then conduct a telephone screening.

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Anyone interested in applying for a grant or providing financial support are asked to click here to visit the Community Utilities Fund information page on the FCSC website.

Officials are hoping to keep the program going through August 2020 but that will be dependent on donations received.

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