Counterfeit bills passed over the weekend serve as a reminder to merchants

cep counterfeit identification video still
Still from U.S. Currency Education Program (CEP) video.

Two Ferndale businesses reported receiving counterfeit $100 bills over the weekend. But, according to Ferndale Police, this does not represent an uptick in such crimes.

Ferndale Police received a report of a pizza delivery driver who identified a bill used to pay for pizza as counterfeit and called police. In another incident, a downtown merchant said a customer tried to pay with a bogus bill and, when challenged, grabbed the bill and fled.

Ferndale Police Lieutenant Bill Hatchett said they occasionally get reports of people attempting pass counterfeit currency. “We ask that all businesses check notes for authenticity as they are received and if a counterfeit bill is found, please call 911.”

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But Hatchett said “There does not appear to be an unusually large uptick in these cases at this time.”

The US Currency Education Program (CEP) is responsible for “ensuring that users of U.S. currency around the world have access to education, training, and information about Federal Reserve notes.” CEP has produced the following video to help merchants and consumers recognize counterfeit bills.


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