Daniel Sydney Hevenor – Ferndale Mayor


Daniel Sydney Hevenor. Photo courtesy of Daniel Sydney Hevenor.
Daniel Sydney Hevenor. Photo courtesy of Daniel Sydney Hevenor.

Candidate’s submitted biography (unedited):

Daniel started his working career at 17, joining the United States Marine Corps and serving between 1975 to1978. He also lived in So Naknek, Alaska, operating his commercial fishing boat, Bar, Restaurant and Hotel. Daniel advanced his career working in the Oil, Gas and Mining Energy Resources Industry, as a Safety and Behaviour Safety Consultant. Working with Exxon on a 19-billion-dollar project in Papua New Guinea, then with British Gas 0n a 20 billion-dollar Coal Seam Gas project. Daniel also worked on the largest Liquid Natural Gas project in the world at the Gorgon Gas Project as the Deputy Safety Manager. He then advance as the Safety and Training Superintendent at a BMA  Coal Mine. He has also taken on Safety Consulting Advisor roles with  Council Governments. Daniel has had the opportunity to work with the top performing Companies and Project Managers in the world. Daniel would like the opportunity to use his management experience leading Ferndale into the next 4 years with a fresh set of eyes and ideas. He also would like to stand behind and support all hard working local businesses, to maintain and build successful companies.

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