Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday (POLL)

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Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends Sunday, November 4th at 2am when clocks are to be turned backward 1 hour. This will result in an earlier sunrise in the morning.

According to, Washington state voters approved an initiative to implement DST in 1960 with clocks being moved forward the last Sunday of April and back the last Sunday of September. It has since been adjusted to between the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November as it became a standard for most of the United States in 1966 as a means of conserving energy.

This year, as a result of a survey that showed 80% in favor of ending the DST changes, the European Union (EU) is taking steps to abolish it and make the summer time DST permanent. For the change to go into effect, it must be approved by all 28 of the EU member nations and the European Parliament.

DST currently remains a Washington state law. The states of Arizona and Hawaii are already exempted from the DST standard.

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Washington state lawmakers made attempts in 2015 and again last year to introduce bills to exempt Washington from DST. But such efforts so far have failed to get enough legislative support to make it on the ballot for voters to decide.


Do you want to see Daylight Saving Time continued in Washington?

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