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Dealing with Shock & Grief After Today’s Tragedy

If you weren’t directly affected by today’s tragedy on W Smith Road you likely know one or more who were. People deal with and are affected by shock and grief differently. There are local resources available that you or others you know may benefit from to help understand what may seem like confusing feelings and/or learn how to manage them so they do not hinder or prevent moving on.

In addition to hosting the community gathering tonight and candlelight vigil Saturday night, the Ferndale School District has compiled the following resources information:

Ferndale Schools has dispatched its resources to Windward. Counselors are available (and will be available tomorrow, Friday and throughout next week), as well as administrators and teachers to serve as resources for all of our students, staff and families as they have the need to talk or express difficult feelings. Please call us at 360.383.9207 if you need assistance.

Additional resources are

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Christ Lutheran Church

Lynda Fell

Crisis Management Institute

You can help your children simply by talking and listening to them. We don’t always know how a student will be affected in a crisis, but you know your child the best of anyone. Be prepared for your child to do any of the following:

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    • claim not to be affected
    • ask a lot of questions
    • act agitated and angry
    • try abnormally hard to be good
    • withdraw
    • have frightful dreams


We encourage you to be sensitive with your child and call us if we can help you in any way.

More resources are available on our webpage at

A couple suggested articles for parents from Crisis Management Institute:


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