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May 19, 2019 | 7:25pm
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Dental Care Services made available at Ferndale Schools

According to Unity Care NW Mobile Care Coordinator Meagan Swanlund, no one will get a bill.

The Unity Care NW Mobile Dental Program has begun making their annual visits to Ferndale schools this year.

When the program van arrives at a local school, a dentist and dental assistant set up a treatment area inside the school for providing exams, sealants, fluoride treatments and performing cleaning and flossing. In addition, students will be provided oral hygiene instruction.

The program arrived at Skyline Elementary in late October for both Skyline and Vista Middle School students.

The Mobile Dental Program will be at other Ferndale schools on the dates shown:

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Central Elementary – December 1st
Eagleridge Elementary (includes Horizon students) – December 8th
Custer Elementary – February 23rd
Cascadia Elementary – February 28th
Skyline Elementary (includes Vista students) – a follow up visit in February

These services are available to all students regardless of whether they are insured or not. If the student is insured, their insurance will be billed. No billings will be made for services not covered. All services are provided for free if the student has no dental coverage.

According to Unity Care NW Mobile Care Coordinator Meagan Swanlund, this is a great and easy way for students to begin receiving dental care since it is provided in the comfort of the school and they get to do it with their friends.

“The program has been serving local schools for over ten years and was expanded two years ago to provide additional services such as sealants,” Swanlund said.

Families are asked to register ahead of time. To do so, download and complete the Mobile Dental Program Registration Form and return it to the student’s school or teacher.

Dental Registration English (PDF)
Dental Registration Russian (PDF)
Dental Registration Spanish (PDF)

For more information about the Unity Care NW Mobile Dental Program, contact Mobile Care Coordinator Meagan Swanlund at 676-6177, extension 1102.

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Joe Beaulaurier
Joe Beaulaurier
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