Different name and bigger, better while staying mostly the same

It is time the awkward name gets brushed aside and replaced by a more accurate one, "My Ferndale News."

My Ferndale News square logo
My Ferndale News square logo
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Dear reader,

Hopefully you will only realize a few differences as “Discover Ferndale” fades away and is replaced by “My Ferndale News.”

Some may know Discover Ferndale was initially intended to be a hub for all things Ferndale with an expected audience of travelers and locals looking to learn more about Ferndale businesses and other destinations. It would provide a cost-effective means of advertising for local businesses looking to reach people interested in doing things in the Ferndale area. As such, Discover Ferndale was an appropriate name.

But after posting news stories that were not being covered by other news sources, it quickly became obvious a much bigger and hungrier audience was looking for Ferndale news. As a result, the business model changed and the website adapted to this new calling. Discover Ferndale lingered as a name but was an awkward misnomer and potentially confusing to some.

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Now, nearly 4 years later, advertisers are enjoying a far larger audience than initially conceived and it is time the awkward name gets brushed aside and replaced by the more accurate “My Ferndale News.”

In addition, several backstage changes have also occurred that will, hopefully, make the website more dependable and tolerant of being suddenly mobbed by thousands of readers when a breaking news story is announced.

Changes also include new emailed story updates and will require signing up when available. Push notifications to your computer or smartphone browsers will return very soon as well. Both services will remain free and will require re-opting in to receive. More to come on this later.

“My Ferndale News” is Ferndale’s community news and as such you, dear readers, are asked to put out an alert if and when you find some segment of the website behaving wonky so that it can be quickly dealt with.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, requests, news tips (!) or reports of wonkiness.


Joe Beaulaurier



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Joe is the founder of My Ferndale News. As a Ferndale resident, he hopes to empower the community with free access to news that matters and makes a difference in the day-to-day challenges faced while we work and live in the Ferndale area.