Don’t Fear the SuperMoon


supermoonThe sky watching community is all abuzz about the SuperMoon expected tonight and tomorrow morning. But those who have stayed up late or tried to spy past lunar events in the daylight sky will tell you, it’s not going to be that big a deal.

Here’s what has everyone so excited:

  1. It’s a new moon
  2. The moon reaches its closest point to the earth for the year at the same time
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Those two variables qualify this as a “Super Moon” but don’t expect anything special. A “full moon supermoon” would be something to see since it is out at night. But a “new moon supermoon” can only be seen during the daytime hours, a far more difficult task.

But all the excitement is not entirely lost on this astronomical event. The extra-close new moon will effect tides, For a day or two after the new moon, nay “supermoon,” will come the perigean spring tide. Expect to see high tides as much as a foot above normal.


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