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Sign denoting 2-hour parking limitation in downtown Ferndale (April 12, 2017). Photo: Discover Ferndale

Downtown parking violators to get more attention

Downtown Ferndale businesses recently received a letter from the City of Ferndale (COF) advising them and their employees that violators of time-limited parking in some parts of downtown Ferndale would begin receiving the attention of Ferndale Police.

According to the letter jointly signed by the Community Development Direct, Public Works Director and Police Chief,

The City of Ferndale has received an increase in the number of complaints related to violations of the City’s time-limited parking regulations Downtown. These parking regulations have been adopted in order to ensure that customers and other visitors to Ferndale can find adequate parking along our Main Street, within close proximity to Downtown businesses.

Over time, employees, business owners and residents have utilized this time-limited parking for their own needs, often parking directly in front of businesses throughout the day. When customer spaces are blocked by employees, Ferndale businesses may lose a sale – or a customer.

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This letter is intended to inform you that the City will be emphasizing these time-limited parking requirements over the next several months.

The area of interest is on both sides of Main Street from Pioneer Bridge to just past 4th Avenue where parking is limited to 2 hours.

According to COF staff, violators will initially be given an advisory notice including a map to almost 100 nearby parking spots with no time limitations. The situation will be monitored to determine if the education effort was effective, more enforcement is needed or some other course of action is required.

COF provided map of free and time-limited parking in downtown Ferndale
COF provided map of free and time-limited parking in downtown Ferndale (April 12, 2017). Courtesy of City of Ferndale

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  1. Gerald Van Dyk Gerald Van Dyk April 13, 2017

    I live on Main Street in one of the only houses (or the only house) that has no parking available in the alley behind my house. Where would you suggest that I park? I feel that I have the right to be able to park at my house, not over a block away just because my car may be there all day.

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