Driving lesson goes the wrong direction for local driver

car crash stock photo
Car crash file photo (not a vehicle referred to in the story). My Ferndale News

Ferndale Police say a driver had just received their learners permit and was pulling into a parking space in an apartment complex this morning. Instead of hitting the brake, the gas pedal was pressed causing the car to jump forward, colliding with a parked car and jumping the curb. The car stopped when it ran into the front wall of the apartment building.

The impact with the building left a hole, approximately 2-foot by 3-foot.

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Whatcom County Fire District 7 personnel responded but no injuries were reported and they determined no damage had occurred to the electrical or gas system at the apartment building.

Damage was limited to the two vehicles and the wall.

The driver was not cited since the incident did not occur on a public road, but on private property.


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