Explosive noise rattled Ferndale neighborhood

mukluk land santa rocket ship
Image of previous version of an unofficial Santa Rocket Apparatus. Source: Kosmosflot
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Neighbors in the area of Thornton Street and Church Road say they got a rude awakening this morning about 3:30am due to a loud explosion.

Firefighters at the Church Road fire station said the explosion caused the walls to shake and they contacted their dispatcher to see what was happening. 

Ferndale Police officers were dealing with a person suffering a medical emergency at the time and were not dispatched to check the area until a short time later. According to radio dispatches, they were unable to locate a cause.

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management Deputy Director John Gargett said he had not received any reports that could provide a possible cause of the noise. 

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But another possibility, noting the season and realizing it has been considered in the past, is Santa testing sleigh technology used to assist the reindeer while delivering toys around the world in one night.

According to an official who asked not to be named, “Rumors are the noise heard in Ferndale were caused by Santa doing a test run of his stardust anti-matter propulsion engine sleigh and going from supersonic to subsonic speeds on his landing approach back to the North Pole.”


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