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Ferndale City Hall (2019). File photo - My Ferndale News

Fendale City Council to consider mandating City Hall do business locally first

FERNDALE, Wash. — On the agenda for tomorrow’s City Council Finance & Administration Committee meeting is a resolution that, if approved by the whole council, would require the city to make purchases from local businesses whenever possible.

City Council Member Ramon Llanos is credited in the staff report with proposing the resolution.

The resolution proposed by Councilmember Ramon Llanos would set an official policy for City purchases, directing those dollars towards local vendors first, provided that the products are equivalent or better than those purchased elsewhere, at a cost that is comparable to vendors outside of Ferndale

City of Ferndale Staff Report (April 13, 2020)

City staff said in the staff report that it has been the practice of the City of Ferndale to purchase from local vendors although it has not been an official policy.

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The staff report defines “local” as follows:

For the purposes of this effort, the City considers “local” to mean the Ferndale Market
Area, which includes the city limits and adjoining school district boundaries, but not
Bellingham or the other small cities.


The City Council Finance & Administration Committee, made up of councilmembers Kate Bishop, Ali Hawkinson and Erin Gunter, will meet via online video conference at 9am tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15th, to discuss this and other agenda items before potentially bringing them before the whole council for discussion and/or approval during a regular City Council meeting.

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The Planning & Land Use Committee and Public Works & Utilities Committee meetings, normally held along with the Finance & Administration Committee meeting, have been canceled.

These is an open meeting and the public can view the video conference live by clicking this link just prior to the meeting time. No software or login is required. Simply choose the options to view in your browser as an anonymous attendee.

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