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July 20, 2019 | 3:04am
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Ferndale area river flooding expected tomorrow

A 10' rise in the Nooksack River level at Ferndale is expected over 24 hours.

The Nooksack River at Ferndale is expected to pass the 15-foot mark about 7am tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27th. It is expected to crest just short of 19.5 feet around midnight, well within the official minor flood stage range.

An Areal Flood Watch has been issued for this evening through Tuesday evening as heavy rains in the North Cascades are expected to drive the river level up.

The following river flooding impacts can be expected based on historical observations and official warnings.

At 15 feet

  • Expect water over the roadway on Ferndale Road north of Marine Drive and also north of Slater Road
  • Expect water over the roadway at the corner of Barrett and Paradise Roads
  • Expect flooding of the WDFW parking lot on Marine Drive
  • Expect water over the roadway at corner of Marine Drive south of Country Lane
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At 16 feet

The river begins spilling over its banks into low pasture lands flooding some roadways that are not protected by levees including Marine Drive and Ferndale Road.

At 17 feet

The Nooksack River will overtop levees along Bertrand Creek and near Marine Drive, causing shallow flooding of low pasture lands along the river and additional roadways within the floodplain including Slater Road.

At 18 feet (official minor flood stage)

The river begins overtopping its banks within the City of Ferndale flooding low-lying areas within the City and low pasture lands along the river from near Ferndale downstream to the mouth. Impacted areas can include VanderYacht and Hovander Homestead Parks. Park closures are likely due to flooding.

At 20 feet

The river will flood additional areas within the City of Ferndale including low-lying residential areas and roads including Washington Street, Portal Way and 2nd Avenue in the vicinity of VanderYacht Park.

The Nooksack River level forecast in Ferndale can change frequently. People with property near the river and drivers are advised to keep up-to-date with the forecast.

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