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Sunday, March 29 | 8:23am
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Ferndale bike shop introduces custom-made electric bikes

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FERNDALE, Wash. — Lenny’s Bike Shop, located at 5676 2nd Avenue, announced they have begun providing built-to-order electric bikes.

Lenny’s Bike Shop Owner Loren McWilliams said the bikes are assembled in his shop in Custer and are built around frames made by Lost Bikes of Bellingham. Each includes BMX and “fat bike” parts including 20-inch by 4-inch “fat tires.”

“Our ebike/motorbikes feel like the Honda Trail 70 bikes without the really loud sound of a gas engine,” McWilliams said in an email.

Each electric bike comes equipped with 7 gears, either throttle or pedal assist (pedal assist is shown in the photos) with hand controls. Customers can choose from different motor and battery sizes and the frame can be sized to fit the rider.

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Prices start at $1,800 according to McWilliams.

McWilliams says he has been working on developing these for the past 6 months and just started promoting the bikes at Lenny’s Bike Shop. He rode one in a recent Lynden parade.

Custom-built electric bike available at Lenny's Bike Shop (February 18, 2020). Photo courtesy of Lenny's Bike Shop
Custom-built electric bike available at Lenny’s Bike Shop (February 18, 2020). Photo courtesy of Lenny’s Bike Shop

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  1. The riders should have to have m.c. LIC. And insurance to ride them on the streets. How fast do the travel, top speed. Brake and head lights?? Night and low light travel restrictions?? As if we aren’t having enough problems with pedal bikes already.

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