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Ferndale donors filled every time slot during recent blood drive

FERNDALE, Wash. — Officials with Bloodworks Northwest said all appointment time slots were filled during a recent 2-day blood drive held at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center. This is important in light of a significant drop in donations nationwide due to social distancing mandates and COVID-19 concerns.

According to an email from Bloodworks Northwest, there were 70 available appointment time slots over the 2 days. 22 first-time donors and 53 former donors stepped up and donated enough blood to help 159 other people in need.

Bloodworks NW thanked the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce for their help in making the drive a success.

Those donors are asked to wait until May 20th before donating again. That means there will be less competition for appointment times during the next blood drive currently scheduled for April 16th, also at the Pioneer Pavilion Community Center.

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Click here to reserve your donation time online now. Donations are currently by appointment only. Call Bloodworks Northwest at 1-800-398-7888 or visit for more information.

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