Ferndale McDonalds drive-thru to remain open during interior remodel

An example of a remodeled McDonalds 2
An example of a remodeled McDonalds location. Courtesy of McDonalds Corporation

It was only a few years ago the Ferndale McDonalds on the corner of Barrett Road and Main Street got an exterior make-over. This year it will get a major interior remodel beginning Monday, January 15th.

Even though the work will require closing the dining areas, the restaurant will not be closed. The drive-through service will be available 24/7 during the remodeling even though the inside dining will be closed according to local McDonalds Franchise Owner Jim Campbell.

After the remodel is done, Campbell says customers will notice a modern lobby d├ęcor with a larger dining room, a new play structure along with a new beverage center, self-order kiosks and table service.

Customers will be able choose between placing orders and paying at the counter or at a self-order kiosk.

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Campbell said the self-order kiosks are catching on at 3 of his other Whatcom County McDonalds that have already been remodeled. He noted Canadian restaurants had implemented self-service kiosks some time ago so his Canadian customers are quick to make use of them.

It is quicker and easier to order and pay for your meal via the kiosk, according to Campbell. “As a result, we end up serving more people faster. A common misconception is the kiosks are replacing staff,” Campbell said. “It’s actually just the opposite. We move staff from the counter to the kitchen to handle the increased workload and sometimes we need to bring in even more staff.”

Table service will also follow the renovations. With table service, customers’ food will be delivered to them at their tables. Campbell says this means customers no longer will have to stand and wait. “They will place their order, pay and sit at their table. We will bring the food out to them.”

The remodel is part of McDonalds’ global “Experience of the Future” and “Just for You” initiatives that strive to provide diners a more modern dining experience.

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The dining room is expected to be completed by February 14th and the playroom will be completed about 2 weeks later according to Campbell.